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For those of us that live in the Washington, D.C. area; we’ve had an upscale mall for years called “White Flint Mall” –  owned and operated by the Learner Enterprises.  Learner Enterprise owns the Washington Nationals and other entities around the D.C. area.

Well the Learners decided a few years ago to demolish the mall and possibly rebuild or to build something else on that prime Real Estate.  All the stores in the mall closed down and moved out except for one.

That one was Lord & Taylor Department Store; and that one store still stands today.  Now all that stands on that site is a pile of rubbish and Lord & Taylor.

Lord & Taylor Celebrates Fashion's Night Out 2011

Source: Riccardo S. Savi / Getty

One this past Tuesday a Three Judge Panel ruled in Lord & Taylor’s favor.  Here’s why.  The owners of the Mall had a contract that stated that the mall would maintain the property as a “First Class Mall until at least 2042.

While the other stores didn’t read the contract, they all moved out except for Lord & Taylor.  So as of today, no one including the Learner’s know exactly what’s gonna happy with that property.