White House Reacts To Ruling On Immigration Ban

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If your TV News has been a little quieter and you can’t figure out why – it’s because you haven’t seen Kellyanne Conway!!!

The Counselor to President Trump was pulled off the air by the White House and the new Administration.

We haven’t seen her face on TV in over a week and it seems like eternity, because it’s been such a good week without her “alternative facts”!!!  She was scolded for talking about “The Bowling Green massacre” that never happened!!!  But the knife in the heart for Kellyanne Conway was her going on TV and promoting Ivanka Trump’s products on Fox.

Last Monday, she said on MSNBC that then-national security adviser Michael Flynn “does enjoy the full confidence of the president.” Less than an hour later, White House press secretary Sean Spicer contradicted her when he said that Trump was “evaluating the situation.” Flynn resigned as national security adviser that night.

President-Elect Donald Trump Holds Meetings At Trump Tower

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Then on Tuesday, Kellyanne Conway appeared on the morning shows and said it was Flynn’s decision to step down.   But once again Sean Spicer contradicted her when he said in his daily press briefing that Trump “asked for and received [Flynn’s] resignation.”

So Kellyanne Conway was pulled off TV, but sources say it’s only temporary.