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Pet of the Week

Source: Courtesy of the Henrico Humane Society

When a family member passes away, companies grant what is called compassion leave; giving the worker time to grieve their loss and time to heal somewhat, and most companies are good at granting this leave.

But there are some companies that are not granting compassion leave when a family looses a pet!!!  That’s right a pet.  Pets are now considered a part of the family, and today pets are so close to the family that people hurt the same way for their pets as they do for a family member.

Pets of the Week

Source: Henrico Humane Society

So companies like Mars, Inc., Salesforce and Ben & Jerry’s grant their employees time off to mourn the loss of their pets.

Some companies like Ben & Jerry’s don’t have an official compassion policy for their pets but they do allow their employees to take time off to grieve.