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License Plate, Keys, and Papers Proving Evidence of Auto Insurance

Source: Double_Vision / Getty

The State of Maryland has put it’s foot down on 4,900 Vanity Plates; some call them “Personalized Plates.”   The DMV rejected them because they are scatological, suggest violence, some glorify drug use and some are overly sexual.

Those plates that fall under those categories are put on a list called “Objectionable Plate List.”

The State of Maryland has approved more than 75,000 Personalized Plates, and unapproved almost 5,000 plates.

Here are some examples of plates unapproved:  When a person insert a body part after three characters “GR8” (great) was unapproved.

Sexual bragging — GIGOLO was unapproved.

References to sexual orientation such as “GAY” and “GAYLOVE” – unapproved.

Here’s one that was unapproved because of how it looked in the rear view mirrow:  “3MTA3”

To get Vanity or Personalized plates – one must have 3 to 7 characters and will cost $50 more per year.