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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (C) inspecting a pig farm 2013

Source: AFP/Stringer / Getty

In his second week as President of the United States, Donald “Businessman” Trump has ticked off most of the world, including North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.
Celebrating his 33rd Birthday, Jong Un sent a stern message to The United States that they are ready to lauch a long-range missle at any time and could land at any location in the United States.
The Pentagon has responded that they will shoot down any long range missle deployed by North Korea.
Trump Administration personnel said that even though they are not exactly sure if North Korea is serious; that they are taken the threat serious.  The Administration also said that they will shoot down any missle fired at the U.S. or any of our allies.
Kim Jong Un said that if Trump wants to improve relations with North Korea that he’s willing to talk, but until then!
The way it ended was — BUT UNTIL THEN!

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