Herbed Strip Steak with Hennessy Garlic Butter

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A local Bartender here in Bethesda, Maryland is gonna have a Very Merry Christmas.

Darko Stankovic, a local bartender at the Oakeville Grille in Bethesda was working hard as he usually does when a man named Mike came in and ordered a Steak Dinner.

He got his dinner and half way through the dinner “Mike” got a piece of Steak caught in his throat.   Darko Stankovic was looking out from the back and saw the commotion going on and ran out to help.

Stankovic had experience in life saving techniques as he was an experienced lifeguard over the years, ran out and performed the Heimlich maneuver.  The piece of steak flew out of his mouth and he continued to finish his dinner.

A couple of days later, he called the owner of the restaurant Abby Ansari and got the address and told her he wanted to send Darko a Christmas Card.

A Christmas Card he did send; and when it was opened, Darko Stankovic saw a check for $5,000!!!

Now that’s a Christmas Gift.  It is recommended that everyone learn CPR & the Heimlich Maneuver for times just like this.