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For the past two years, we have heard about it, we have read about it, we have seen it on the news, and on billboards and in magazines, also in the newspapers – and finally it’s here and about to officially open!!  The MGM National Harbor Casino and Resort.  It opens this Thursday and is expected to draw thousands and thousands of visitors the first night and weekend and many more thousands over the next few weekends.

One thing that the County had major concerns about was the amount of traffic, and as it’s gotten closer, it is more of a concern than ever before. But the police have been thinking about how to keep people safe since well before the first shovel of dirt was taken up.

The Prince George’s County Police said that they have had two years to think about this and said that they are ready for any and everything.

They have been consulting with the Fort Washington Community, other Police forces and with MGM concerning the big opening day for this new Resort which is expected to be even more than everybody is expecting.  The whole facility officially opens up on Thursday night December 8 at 11:00 pm; but there is a Black Tie VIP Reception & Party long before the 11:00 pm opening – which by the way I will be attending. I’ll be able to give my listeners and readers a first hand view of the New MGM Casino and Resort.

Until then stay tuned!!!