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Source: Ben Hoskins / Getty

Three University of Maryland football players riding in a car on the Maryland campus have gotten themselves in some real hot water!!!  Two of the three are facing charges when Prince George’s County Prosecutors say they rode around campus firing BB guns at UMD students.

Not only are they facing charges, they are suspended indefinitely from the University of Maryland Division I Football team.

Lorenzo Harrison III of Clinton and Darryl “DJ” Turner II of Glenarden, both 19 years old, are facing second-degree assault and reckless endangerment charges, along with separate charges for violating the schools’ code of conduct.

A third student and Football player has been cleared of any action.  The two that were charged were both Freshmen and attended DeMatha Catholic High School right down the street from the Maryland Campus.

If they are found guilty, this could not only ruin their University of Maryland education but also ruin their College and possibly NFL career.

All parties are innocent until proven guilty.

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