2016 Democratic National Convention - Day 1

Source: Paul Morigi / Getty

A West Virginia Clay County Official made a Facebook post that landed her in some real hot water.

Pamela Ramsey Taylor who worked for the Clay County Development Corporation wrote on Facebook “It will be refreshing to have some class in the White House, I’m tired of seeing a Guerilla in Heels.”   A person answering the phones at the Agency yesterday said that she did not work there anymore, but others say she’s been suspended.

But this story goes further, the current Mayor of Clay, West Virginia, responded to the post.  Here’s what she posted:  “Just made my day Pam.”    She has been asked to resign her post; but Clay County officials said the issued will be dealt with at the Tuesday evening meeting.

Pamela Ramsey Taylor has been making apologies for her statement, but also said she and her family are now victims of hate crime with the backlash.