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Source: Mt Olive MBC-Various Ministers’ Alliances / Mt Olive MBC-Various Ministers’ Alliances

In the wake of the recent elections and the result of the winner Donald Trump, with violence and rioting going on all over the country, a local Episcopal Church sign has been vandalized.

The Episocopal Church of Our Savior in Silver Spring, Maryland on Colesville Road had the Church signed vandalized with a Racist Message that mentions President-elect Donald Trump.

The Church Banner on one side was written in Spanish; but on the other side the Racist Statement said “Trump Nation – Whites Only.”

Church officials quickly condemned the Racist Statement as Hate Speech  and quickly had it removed.

Statement from Church official:

“We stand here to say that we are firm in our rejection of such violence and that we are a nation of immigrants and of people of all cultures and faiths, and that there is no place for such violence in our land.”

As of this morning, the sign was still changed – I pass that Church every morning coming to the Radio-One Studios.


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