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Children entering school bus

Source: VisionsofAmerica/Joe Sohm / Getty

A Maryland Court has reached a settlement in a case involving a 7 year-old second grader, but the settlement was not disclosed.

Here’s what happened.   On a regular school day back in 2013, a 7 year old was eating lunch with his friends; and he was eating a breakfast pastry.  After a couple of bites of the pastry it began to look like the shape of a gun.  The 7 year old picked it up and pointed it at a friend sitting in front of him.

Someone in authority saw it and reported it.  The 7 year old was suspended for 2 days!!

In spite of this disgusting decison, the 7 year old served the two-day suspension, but his family wanted the suspension removed from his records.  The school refused.  So here’s what happend next.

“After that we had to go to the superintendent, then the Anne Arundel School Board, then the hearing examiner, then back to Anne Arundel School Board, then to the state school board, then to the circuit court and finally to the (Maryland) Court of Special Appeals.”

Robin Ficker the family Attorney said the case should have been settled the first day it happened.  Ficker said she can’t talk about the settlement so it remained closed.

At this point we still don’t know if the suspension was removed or not.

What is this world coming too!!!



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