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Deciding on a meal for lunch might as well be like conducting rocket science. There’s nothing more daunting than scrolling through Seamless, and having to select what to eat.

Instead of deliberating whether or not you will order Chipotle or sushi again, it’s time you give meal prepping a try. If you search through social media you will find more than 100,000 posts for the new hashtag taking the ’Gram by storm — #MealPrepSunday. We know it sounds intimidating, but since season nine of the Real Housewives of Atlanta doesn’t premiere until the fall, it’s the perfect time to get our meal-prepping skills in formation.

Decide on Your Go-To Groceries

It is imperative you enter your favorite grocery store armed and ready with a list. If you don’t take time to create a shopping list, more often than not you will leave the grocery store without any substance. As you create this list think about go-to produce that are simple and quick for you to make. Some of #TeamBeautiful’s simple go-to staples are chicken, salmon, shrimp, potatoes, rice, pasta, eggs, to name a few.

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

We’re sure many of you are familiar with this term from grade school, but it remains relevant even today. When it comes to meal prepping it is essential you keep it simple. Don’t attempt to create any culinary masterpiece you saw while binge watching Top Chef. Instead, look for simple, yet satisfying, recipes that will last you throughout your workweek (unless you are a culinary master, then chef it up). For ideas, check out a list of recipes from Tia Mowry at Home, like her fulfilling spaghetti and turkey meatballs.

Start Small

Meal prepping is no easy feat. However, starting small is key. Start prepping small lunchtime snacks. As time progresses and you get a hang of it, throw that chicken in the crockpot and let it slow cook, which leaves you time to work on some sides. Once you’re done prepping for your first week, you’ll be so proud of yourself. Think about all the cash you’ll be saving not having to order lunch via Seamless. Cash to put towards your Formation tickets, Ivy Park’s chic athleisure gear, Rihanna’s fierce Puma collection — you catch our drift.

Invest in Functional Containers

From Amazon to container connoisseurs, aka The Container Store, there is absolutely no reason to not have multifunctional containers. Having functional containers is the major key to meal-prep life. Purchase modular containers that snap together in multiple configurations. This way you will have space for all your favorite lunches.


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