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African children playing in day care center

Source: Stretch Photography / Getty

A Northern Virginia Jury has convicted 26 year old Kierra Spriggs of Woodbridge, Virginia on charges of cruelty to toddlers who was in her care at the Minnieland Day Care in Manassas, Virgina.

Ms. Spriggs was charged with stepping on toes, dousing kids with water, snapping rubber bands on toddlers’ wrists, feeding them Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and making them fight each other.  Prosecutors said she had turned the Day Care into a “baby fight club.”

A second day care worker named “Sarah Jordan” was also convicted on similar charges and sentenced to close to two years in prison, while Kierra Spriggs got 33 months.

Spriggs’ Attorney asked the Judge to grant Kierra Spriggs credit for time served; which would leave her with only 7 month remaining.  Attorney’s also revealed that no toddler ever suffered any serious injury.


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