One of Gospel Music’s Giant voices has passed away – Ms. Lecresia Campbell from the City of Chicago who over the years becames known worldwide for her work with Walt Whitman & The Soul Children’s Choir of Chicago, Milton Brunson & The Thompson Community Singers, The Mississippi Mass Choir and many many others before stepping out on her own.

Back during the rise of Gospel Music on Radio; not many made it big as a solo artist without first singing with a Choir or Group, in such the case as “Lecresia Campbell.”   Her voice was comparable to any famount artist that sang before her and with those that sang behind her; she was considered one of Gospel Music’s songbird.

With declining health, Lecresia eventually suffered a stroke at the age of 53.  It was determined that a pulmonary embolism was the eventual cause of her losing her battle.

Her last solo project was released in 1999.    Our thoughts and prayers are going out to the family of Lecresia Campbell and her family and to all that knew and loved her.  Here is a video of her signature song that put her on the map nationwide with Walt Whitman and The Soul Children Choir – Perfect Praise.