Don’t miss Fred Hammond at the 2nd Annual Spirit of Praise Celebration!


Just when you think Hammond has fully mined his expressions of love for God, he comes out with another album full of treasures.

On “Love Unstoppable,” Hammond’s high-ringing tenor, circuitous phrasing and jazzy chord changes are applied to joyous, uptempo praise tunes and the intimate, slow-burning worship songs that his listeners have come to appreciate in his nearly 30 years in the industry.

Thematically, the album could be a “Vol. 2” to “Somethin’ ‘Bout Love” released in 2004. “Awesome God” is a funky send up that sets the tone, and the gentle refrains of “You’re Good” show Hammond cozily in worship leader mode.

CHECK THIS TRACK OUT: On “Lost in You Again,” Hammond again welcomes us into the intimacy of his private prayers. The song’s slightly off-kilter rhythms make it sound like a serenade.

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