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Source: KAREN BLEIER / Getty

A Metrobus driver is recovering after his bus was hijacked by an armed man in Northeast Tuesday morning.

 The incident is raising concerns over driver safety.
It was a three-minute ordeal that threatened the safety of the Metro driver and his passengers and left a pedestrian dead.
“There was a weapon of some sort that was displayed. The driver of the bus was forced off the bus,” said Assistant Chief Peter Newsham of the moments before the bus was hijacked.

The injured driver was able to hit an emergency button before exiting the bus, which Metro confirms triggers a distress call to bus operations, starts GPS tracking and displays the phrase “Emergency — call 911″ on the bus exterior.

 “Metro has understood that assaults have been a problem in the past,” said David Stephen, with the Amalgamated Transit Union, after the incident.

The union wants Metro Transit Police officers to periodically get on board.

“If there were a reputation for police to pop in on buses or on trains and just be around, then you’d see it … likely that these kinds of incidents would happen less frequently then they do,” Stephen said.