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UPDATED: Tuesday, April 19, 9:45 PM ET

Donald Trump projected as winner in Republican New York primary

After weeks of heavy campaigning, CNN projected Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump to win New York’s early voting primaries. Polls closed at 9 PM ET.

Back in 2008, large swaths of mostly Black communities in New York City, particularly in Brooklyn, helped push Obama to victory, reports The New York Times.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton hopes to replicate that win Tuesday at New York’s early primary election. She is in an intense face-off against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in a race for 247 delegates. Ninety-five delegates are up for grabs on the Republican side.

From CNN:

Donald Trump is looking for a big enough win to lock Ted Cruz and John Kasich out of New York’s 95 delegates. And Hillary Clinton will try to show Bernie Sanders that besting her in coastal states is a tall order.

Trump is leading by double digits in most polls of the state, but for all his claims in every campaign speech that America will get sick and tired of all the “winning” it’ll do with him as president, Trump is now a candidate in need of a big win.

Polls close in the state at 9 P.M. EST. Do you plan to vote? Let us know in the comments.

SOURCE: The New York TimesCNN | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


Clinton & Trump Poised To Win Delegate-Rich New York Primaries

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