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FERGUSON, Mo. — Relative calm returned to the St. Louis region on Tuesday night, but the situation remained tense and uncertain as people angry over a grand jury decision not to indict a white police officer for killing an unarmed black teenager entered into renewed skirmishes with the police.

As the Missouri National Guard bolstered its presence and the police became more assertive with protesters and provocateurs on the streets, law enforcement officials effectively squashed much of the chaos from a night earlier. On Monday, fires burned, gunshots rang out and businesses were looted.

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Protesters in Ferguson, Mo., flipped over a patrol car Tuesday evening. Tense demonstrations erupted in cities across the nation, although many of them were peaceful.

They headed toward City Hall, chanting familiar refrains calling for justice. When they got there, several revelers rushed a police cruiser and smashed the windows with bricks. They then rocked it until it flipped over, and bystanders cheered.

They eventually flipped it back over and tried to set it on fire. Small flames flared up, but the car was not engulfed.

“I thought it was exciting,” said Sherrelle Primm, 26, a protester who watched as the car was vandalized.

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