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starbucks-1 Working at Starbucks can prove to be quite beneficial if you want to further your education. The coffee chain plans to launch a new program on Monday that will pay for its employees to attend online college classes at Arizona State University. “I believe it will lower attrition, it’ll increase performance, it’ll attract and retain better people,” Starbucks CEO Howard D. Schultz told the New York Times. The Shocking Lack Of Diversity On This Week’s Sunday Shows The Sunday political talk shows have drawn repeated criticism for filling their lineups with disproportionately white, male guests. But if this week’s lineup is any indication, the shows aren’t working too hard to fix the disparity.   starbucks-2


LinkedIn Workforce Diversity Report: Mostly Male, Mostly White LinkedIn released a report on the diversity of its workforce, revealing that their employees are mostly male and mostly white. The professional social networking company showed that in terms of gender, 61 percent of its employees are male. In terms of ethnicity, 53 percent are white and 38 percent are Asian. JPMorgan Of Predatory Tactics In Minority Neighborhoods JPMorgan Chase & Co has been sued by the city of Miami, accusing the bank of predatory mortgage lending in minority neighborhoods that allegedly caused a wave of foreclosures during the last decade’s housing crisis. The lawsuit, filed on Friday in federal court in Florida, said the country’s largest bank engaged in a continuous practice of discriminatory mortgage lending since at least 2004, violating the U.S. Fair Housing Act. Delta Airlines Learns Giraffes Don’t Live in Ghana Delta Airlines wanted to congratulate the United States after its World Cup win against Ghana on Monday night, so it sent out a tweet with iconic images of the two countries. “For the United States we’ve got the Statue of Liberty,” thought Delta’s social media editor. “That’s easy. And Ghana … hmm … well, it’s in Africa, so a giraffe should do it.” Unfortunately for Delta, the African continent is more complex than how it appears in the Babar books, and giraffes usually don’t live in Ghana. starbucks-3


Ice Cube: Obama the ‘Black Kid at a White School’ No One Likes Playing With Rapper Ice Cube still thinks President Obama‘s a cool dude who just gets picked on by all the jocks and such who want nothing to do with him. In a conversation with TIME Magazine’s Belinda Luscombe, Ice Cube praised the job Obama’s doing and used a schoolyard analogy to explain the divisiveness on Capitol Hill.

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