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As His eyes, His gaze rest on you at this moment reflect on all He as done for you even to the laying down of His life. Journal your thoughts.

Dear Lord, thank you for today. Thank you for giving me the strength to go into today with wisdom, courage and kindness. I thank you for today and the days yet to come. I have faith in you and know you are here beside me holding me up when I can go no further. My heart relaxes in the presence of Your reflective gaze, absorbing the pouring out of Your presence. Please help me remain strong through all I must undertake. Amen

Many times and seasons have passed in your life. Many hopes and dreams have come and gone. Some you have accomplished, while some have been left by the wayside in deference to another’s hopes and dreams. The enemy of your soul tried to destroy many things before you accomplished them, yet you prevailed. There were times you fought a fierce battle to overcome, persevering with tenacity to a fruitful end.

However; there are just as many battles fought in the spirit realm you are not aware of. In these battles, I simply contended with those who contended with you as a right of heritage, a right given to My children (Psalm 35:1-3). All the times you forsook your hopes and dreams for those of another, I was contending with the enemy on your behalf.

I am in the day of trouble. I take the day and turn it into blessing (Romans 8:28). After all, I am Creator, therefore; I create. My creative powers did not cease on the seventh day; they simply paused to observe, to reflect, to rest and say, “It is good.”

At this very moment, I am observing, reflecting, but not resting. I am reflecting on all your burnt offerings, all your sacrifices. Burnt sacrifices can be those times when you give up your own desires in favor of another’s, producing a heady scent I can not ignore. The pleasant aroma wafting from your sacrifice has filled My nostrils like perfume and filled My heart with overwhelming love to be poured out. Out of the midst of My remembering, I am flowing over your life today with a refreshing, building a high and lofty bridge of great strength for you to walk upon. I am defending you while lifting you on high.

You see, I remember things you have done for others, things you have long forgotten. All these have accumulated on your behalf and a time of reaping has come. Your account is full, rewards are plentiful.

Therefore, arise child of Zion, for I have remembered, and it gives Me great pleasure to grant your heart’s desire and fulfill all the plans I have placed in you to do (Psalm 20:1-9). I am Creator; nothing is impossible with Me (Luke 1:37).

May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble and remember all your offerings and burnt sacrifice; I say yes.

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