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She is a comedian, actress, and television personality. She is one of the co-hosts on the daytime talk show, “The View”. She and her co-hosts were chosen as part of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” by Time magazine while Forbes ranked The View hosts #11 among “30 of the Most Influential Women in Media.” She also hosts the “Newlywed Game” and has a role on the NBC series “30 Rock”.

She also stars in her own sitcom “Sherri”: on Lifetime. Her film roles include: “Beauty Shop”, “Madea Goes to Jail”, “Precious”, and Think Like a Man” among many others. Her television roles include: “Less than Perfect”, “The Wedding Bells”, “Entertainment Tonight”, and “Dancing With The Stars” among many others. She was awarded a Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Talk Show Host of The View” in 2009 and an NAACP award in 2009 and 2011.

She grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness. Striving to follow the many rules, she often fell short and seriously disagreed with the strict regulations of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. One rule she disagreed with was when the church elders told her to stop talking to her father because he began to doubt some of the things they believed. She refused to do this and turned her back on the religion. After several failed relationships, abortions, and career mishaps, she decided that she needed something more. In 1993, she gave her life to Jesus Christ.


She said of her faith in Jesus Christ and her continuous success, “I let people know I’m a Christian. It comes up naturally when I do things. If they say you did a great job, I go: ‘Thank you, Jesus.’ I do not mind saying: ‘Thank you, Jesus,’ because I’m not that good. When people hear that, they go: ‘She’s thanking Jesus a lot!’ [When I autograph] my scripts, I’ll write ‘God bless you.’ Before we go on to tape a show, I just ask people if we can say a little prayer. I’m not trying to force it on you, but I like to pray so God can make everything smooth.”

She credits the Lord for teaching her about her worth and value in Him. She said, “If I didn’t have God, I would have been dead. My faith [in God] means everything to me. God and I talk constantly. I realized that God gave me this special gift and I have to believe it.”

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