A new study reveals that taking multivitamins does not reduce colon cancer in patients who risk dying or in survivors who’s probability of their cancer returning.     According to the researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute , between 26 and 77 percent of cancer survivors in the U.S. are taking multi-vitamins in hopes that it will help fight their cancer.

The recent issue of  Businessweek reported the study sent questionnaires to complete by patients who were in stage III of colon cancer.  Data was compiled from their use of multi-vitamins during and after post-surgery.  Nearly half of the 1,000 plus  participants stated they used multi-vitamins while receiving chemotherapy.   More than half of the 800 cancer-free patients who completed the second survey six months after chemotherapy said they were taking multivitamins.

Are multivitamins a waste of time or not? click here to read more about the new study

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