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It was on last Sunday, August 29th when Albertina Walker, hailed as the “Queen of Gospel” and founder of The Caravans, celebrated her 81st birthday.  It was also on this day, The Queen started to experience difficulty breathing.  She was later taken to a local Chicago hospital with weak lungs and was admitted.  Doctors later put her on an oxygen support ventilator to help her breathe and where she has been, since her birthday under close doctors care.

The following night on Monday, August 30th, the Albertina Walker Scholarship Foundation Concert, went on as schedule, however The Queen was not in attendance.

Since being admitted to the hospital, her bedroom door has become a revolving one with many family members and close friends coming by to wish her well and show her support, including Evg. Shirley Caesar, Inez Andrews, Deloris Washington, Dorothy Norwood, Harvey Watkins, Pam Morris and Rev. Jessie Jackson who prayed for her on Friday

As of Monday, September 6th, Walker is under medication and continues to rest comfortably as she is receiving treatments to help her breathe.  Family members have been by her bedside every hour of the day since last week.

Additionally, and to clear up a few rumors, she is NOT in a coma, and she has NOT returned home since being admitted to the hospital on Sunday, August 29th.

Meanwhile, she remains on a ventilator, while listening to back to back hits of her own music, playing softly in the background.

And now more than 8 days later, we continue to ask for everyone to lift our sister up in prayer as she is in the fight of her life.

article courtesy of TheBelleReport.com