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Well it looks like Stephon Marbury’s chef was doing a little bit more than cooking for her client.

According to reports, Marbury had an affair with his personal chef, Thurayyah Mitchell, back in 2006 while he played for the New York Knicks.

To keep hush about the affair, Marbury offered Mitchell $900,000 to keep the affair between the two of them.

For a couple of years she did, until 2010 when the checks stopped rolling in from Marbury. Although by this time Marbury had already paid her $600,000 for her silence.

$600,000 sounds like a good deal but, Mitchell wanted her full payout so she filed a suit against Marbury.

Now the chef-turned-mistress, who had sex with Marbury five times and in court documents claims he “made her believe that ‘keeping him happy’ was a requirement of keeping her job” will be rewarded $330,000.

Marbury’s wife is allegedly vying to be a “Basketball Wife” and surely this drama will increase her chances.


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